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T-31 And Counting....Bang!

A Mini, Big-Bang Asylum

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Name:T-31 And Counting....Bang!
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A multi-fandom mini-big bang community that resets every 31 days.
This is a small-bang community, which means there is a minimum word count and a time limit. All fics must contain the assigned prompt in some fashion.

Our Community In Detail:

To begin, join the community. You do not have to friend it, but it helps.

To sign-up, go to clearly marked Sign-Up posts. Respond with the prompt of your choice. Once it is approved, you may start writing your fic.

When you are done, please wait until the posting date to post this fic to our community. Please do not post this fic anywhere before the posting date. After the posting date, you are free to do so at your own discretion.

Your fic must include the prompt in some fashion. The minimal length is 5000 words. There is no maximum length. All fics must be posted on the posting date, hence the short length for a big-bang community.

How we roll:

For the first week of every cycle, there will be a seven day period to submit prompts you want to see written. There is no limit to the amount of prompts you may post. All unused prompts will roll over to the next cycle.

On day eight, all the prompts will be gathered to a combined post for sign ups. Sign ups will last three days.

On day eleven, sign-ups will be closed and writing will officially begin. Writing will last until day thirty.

Day twent-six, we will begin accepting prompts for the next cycle.

And finally, on the thirty-first day, all stories will be posted to the community. The next day will begin sign-ups for the next cycle.

Every cycle will last approximately thirty-one days from start to finish.

Days 1-7 = Prompt Submissions Begin
Days 8-10 = Sign-up
Days 11-30 = Writing
Day 26 = Prompt Submissions Begin For Next Cycle
Day 31 = Post Time!


Use Tags. Tags are updated by addition of fandom to accepted prompts. Moderator will tag for you if you forget.

All fics must have a disclaimer saying you do not own the fandom/character. This is non-negotiable.

Do not link to friends locked posts.

Do not modify the texts of your posts outrageously. This includes all caps, text/IM speak, rampant bolding/italicizing, coloring, etc.

Warning: All posts without a disclaimer will be deleted by discretion of moderator after two clear warnings. You have been warned.

Please use a standard header. Header includes:

Author's Name:
Author's Note:

"I suck at summaries" is not a summary and is just plain lazy; please do not put it in the header.

Ratings are as follows: General. Teen. Adult. Explicit. This is to be adhered to. Please use the right rating for your story.

The works of these authors are not allowed: * Anne Rice * Archie comics * Dennis L. McKiernan * Irene Radford * J.R. Ward * Laurell K. Hamilton * Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb * P.N. Elrod * Raymond Feist * Robin Hobb * Robin McKinley * Terry Goodkind

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